Version 2

chainstays and main frame

Just some work in progress images. As of 12/10/05 the rear triangle is attached and alignment appears to be "good enough". Rear brake bosses are on and the lower seat attachment point has been made but is yet to be attached. Remaining tasks are to work out the details of the upper seat attachment point, build the seat mounts themselves, attach the front derailleur mount, and attach the various braze ons like cable end stops and bottle cage bosses.

seatstays and main frame

It's a damn sight easier to braze this stuff than to weld it, and so far she's feeling pretty light. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one handles.

Update 17/10/05

lower seat mount

The lower seat mount brazed onto the main boom.

upper seat mount

Post welding of the upper seat mount (Fixed seat angle).

basic build complete

And there it is. In this form, I've sat on the seat and scooted around the workshop. Today I brazed on the boom clamps and all that is required now is to fit the various utility things like bottle cage bosses and cable end stops. Depending on the chain routing I may also need to fit a mount point for a drive side chain roller.

return roller mount

Mounting for the return roller. A particularly successful one as the braze was drawn right through by the heat, so it's a very solid fit. Also a pretty satisfying moment as it was one of those things that was meant to happen so it's nice to see it work. If only I was as proud of the artistry of the piece itself. It's not bad for an hour with a selection of files, but I could definitely have improved it with a bit more practice.

brazing complete

And finally done. All brazing completed and she awaits filing and sanding, then painting. Not long now!

main frame primer boom primer

Frame primed. With the sanding and filing finally completed (And some brazes touched up with oxy-acetylene) it was ready to paint. One coat of primer was applied and allowed to dry, then the first coat of paint. Later I'll apply another coat (Better safe than sorry!) and then put on the decals and a final coat of acrylic sealer. It'll then be allowed to cure for a few days as this seems to give a pretty durable finish.


It's done! One slight mistake which had to be corrected was the cable routing for the front derailleur. Thankfully this was easy to correct. So all built and ridden home. Even heavily laden with junk and battling a headwind she's pretty sprightly. It'll be fun to see how she behaves when the conditions are better. Special thanks to Pete Whelan whose decals look great.

meadows innocent

Just a couple of images of the bike in use, courtesy of David Gardiner of Laid Back Cycling. A nice ride in the sunshine (With associated wintry chill!). There will be some video footage kicking around from the ride which I hope to get my hands on at some point!